My Canvas

These writing samples combine content I authored years ago + tools I currently use. Click each image to know more.

API Docs

slate page screenshot

Used Slate and Markdown to document an imaginary API (for now). Stay tuned for real API docs!

Implementation guide

docfx page screenshot

Used DocFX and Markdown to republish excerpts from a DITA-based guide that I originally authored using Arbortext Editor.

User guide

sphinx website screenshot

Used Sphinx and Markdown to republish excerpts from my DITA-based guide. Added custom CSS and reST tabs.

Code samples

sphinx website screenshot

I'm learning to code! :)
Will update this project page soon as I learn to automate computer tasks using Python.

My Canvas - this Github page

github page screenshot

Modified a Material Design template to suit Jekyll, Liquid, and Github Pages.
Inspired by this post!

What specific examples would you like to see here? Ping me!